Real Estate

Real estate

DCS specializes in visualization of real estate projects. With backgrounds in project development, real estate maintenance, gamming, rendering, programming and more, we combine a range of diverse skills to create stunning visuals and experiences for our clients.

Building Impression

Farm Land 3D impressions

Studio Interior Impression

Artist's Impression

Showcasing your project to the world with a render of the building how it is going to look like when finished. We create stunning renders / artist’s impressions for our clients to show them to their clients to help them envision their idea’s and sell their projects.

To receive a quotation, all you need to do is email us your plans and elevation in PDF format, we will look them over and be right back to you with a quotation. If you are happy with the quote, we can work directly from the PDF files and get right to work.

Virtual mock-up

Being able to show your project in 3D with a video or renders will help to give your project a boost. Show them the small details and how the office is going to look like, or maybe the city mall that will be renovated.

Interactive apps

If you want to give your client the best experience and show casing your project, then interactive apps are the solution. If they want direct information about the building or get feedback of the environement, for example a day and night preview of the building in 1 click. With our interactive applicaitons we can create all of your idea’s and even help you with adding more features to the project to ensure you get the best application ever.

Virtual Reality

Put your client directly into your project if they are litterly standing inside the building that does not exist yet. With Virtual Reality you can set your client inside your project. WIth our in house made application you can even give a presentation in Virtual Reality. This works by setting the Virtual Reality glasses on your client and then you can control what they see and where they are through your IPad or phone. A full interactive Virtual Reality presentation experience so that they will never forget about your project. Or let them move around freely in Virtual Reality.

Presentation videos

Creating a video for your open house or project is where our designers shine. Making sure that all the information is in the video of your project and that people can watch it online on your site or youtube. Besides video’s we also make promotion materials for your projects.

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